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Reviewed By Arksun [read all by] on 29th June 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0.7 on Windows.
Last edited by Arksun on 29th June 2006.
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On the list of update points for ver 1.7 the last one is stated as:

"Internal processing improvements."

That would be putting it mildly, the aliasing has well and truly gone and what we have is one of the smoothest, most wonderful sounding soft-synths around at this time, freeware or commercial.

I actually tried out the Synth1 when it first came out, wasn't too impressed, threw away. But recently I decided to give it another chance with this latest version.

Wow, just a lovely sound to it, very easy to program and capable of a wide scope of rich warm dense sounds.

I have the preset bar a low score because quite frankly the presets that come with it are pretty aweful. Spend time programming this thing and you'll get to realise just what makes the synth1 really special.

The filter does remind me a little of the Nord hardware synths and you could certainly class this soft-synth as having somewhat of a weighty 'hardware' sound to it.

I can very much see myself using this in future productions.

Its free so what ya got to loose, check this beauty out!

Reviewed By Arksun [read all by] on 17th April 2004
Version reviewed: on Windows.
Last edited by Arksun on 17th April 2004.
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The times they are a changing. I'd say the past year has been a real turning point for soft-synths, i finally feel that they've grown up and shown what they're trully capable of. Deep fat meaty sounding soft-synths are here at last! and one of those at the very forefront is this beauty, the Sytrus.

Developed by a software company behind Fruityloops, this is without a doubt one of the finest soft-synths ever made.

I've noticed a lot of people have confused this with being an FM only soft-synth, in the vein of the FM7. Whilst this is a very capable and powerful FM synth, for me personally, it is the subtractive side that totally blew me away!.

The stats speak for themselves, specifically, the 6 oscillators, with waveshaping, 3 filters (which can run as lo-pass, band and hi simultaneaously each!) and a 9-voice Unison mode that puts most of the Unison modes on hardware synths to shame!.

Add to that up to 64x oversampling and this trully is one hell of a beast!.

Of course stats don't mean anything unless it sounds good. To my ears, this is one of the most versatile and solid sounding synth engines ever made. It can do everything, from soft smooth FM style sounds, to rich dense subtractive sounds and full on agressive monster saw leads.

The modulation possibilities is mindblowing!. Rather than going for a set number of lfos and envelops, which can be 'patched' to whatever other part of the synth engine with limited number of modulation slots, they've given each individual osc and filter their own set of env's and lfo's each for virtually every aspect!. The level of which you can tweak them is just astounding, with infinite point env's that have adjustable curve tension so you can fine tune a sound like never before!.

If you were looking for a synth that combined high oscillator count and waveshaping of the z3ta+, but with extra meaty filters, oversampling that can go way beyond 2x, an extremely high level of modulation flexibity and the kind of unison found on hardware synths, not to mention an excellent built in chorus and delay, THIS is the synth you've been waiting for!.

Yes, it really is that good!.

The price for the VSTi/DXi may seem a little pricey but when you realise just what it is you're getting for your money you'll understand the price is more than justified.

It all sounds too good to be true, so what's the catch?

Well the catch is, as with the other all new super soft-synths out there right now, the CPU hit can be rather huge. That is the price you pay for a supreme sound, but you can always set oversampling to zero in draft mode for realtime playing, then render at any level after, you just have to be aware of the difference in sound.

Also the manual could have been more in depth for beginners that struggle to learn synthesis. The gui does take a while to get used to, but once you do, you realise just how versatile and friendly it truly is.

All in all, an awesome synth!.
Reviewed By Arksun [read all by] on 29th May 2002
Version reviewed: 1.21 on Windows
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This VSTi is scarily good... and i mean REALLY REALLY GOOD!.

I'm a big lover of hardware synths. I use the likes of Roland XP80, Novation Supernova II etc.. and love my big fat warm sounds.

I've used lots of virtual synths in the past, but they've always sounded way flat n lifeless :(

Only very few times have i been able to use them in my tracks and only them by piling on a huge amount of FX on top to make them sound good.

Anyone who's a sceptic then of virtual synths SERIOUSLY needs to check this one out. It REALLY IS that good!!.

It's capable of making both very edgy crystal digital type sounds and also big squelchy warm fat analogy sounds too. The built in eq is one of the best i've heard, just an incredble amount of warmth from the bass part. There's just soo many options n built in parts to this synth that it would take pages to cover them all.

It's also surprisingly CPU efficient too considering all the different elements running simultaneously (take note Jason Synth)

Preset wise it comes with a huge list. Most of these are 'ok' , but the ones that really stand out (like Obturator 1) just blow you away!.

It's when you start tweaking those knobs to create your own though that you realise just how powerful this synth engine is. You don't even have to consult any manual it's all very straight forward and very enjoyable to click on things and go "oh wow..you can change that aspect too!" :)

I read the review and scorned... now i'm joining them 'cause i've finally experienced the marvel that is.. the Pentagon I

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