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Reviewed By HeidiLikesEBM [read all by] on May 7th, 2013
Version reviewed: 7 64-bit on Windows.
Last edited by HeidiLikesEBM on 8th May 2013.

Pretty good for a freebie! Bit of tweaking and EQ, and you can easily imitate the same kick sound you can hear in just about any house/trance track anymore. Of course, capable of quite a bit more than that. Surprisingly punchy and flexible. If you'd like to mix up your kick sound some, just download this little wonder and start playing around with its parameters. I love it. I'd really like to take some time to just sit around and run it through all kinds of effects to see how it turns out; sadly, haven't had the time for that yet. But I could certainly see this becoming a regular part of my arsenal, since I seem to have trouble finding good samples for free and am no master at modeling my own in programs like Massive. Example of BDX:


The kick you can hear in this little loop I made was BDX, the only effects being Cubase 6.5's reverb and a bit of EQ. Not a lot, really, BDX does pretty well on its own. I like it, has a bit of a classic, softer sound how I used it but it can get harsher easily.

Reviewed By HeidiLikesEBM [read all by] on May 4th, 2013
Version reviewed: 7 64-bit on Windows

It was very hard for me to pick what number to rate this as. For what it was intended to do, ten out of ten; it's a classic sound and very versatile for what it is. But overall, it is somewhat limited, so I guess an 8. It is tweakable in a good amount of ways, but it is set in one basic idea that doesn't allow too much room for change, but this is after all an emulator of an old analog, not intended to be a replacement for Massive or anything like that. I've already used it in a track of mine, it's very handy for somewhat softer sounds that echo and move but also carry a bit of melodic value. The only issue with its built-in effects, though, is you must be careful with how you sequence/compose with it, as the delay can stack and become a bit of a mess. I'm sure most would already be aware of such risks in delay effects, but the delay on this synth is quite impressive. With some panning modulation and a little reverb, this synth becomes something very special indeed, and I love it. I know I'll be using it more than just this once. But if you're looking for something rougher, harsher, faster, etc. etiher prepare to process this synth heavily or just accept that it is a bit limited. Though that certainly isn't to say it's bad; not at all, because it does what it was meant to very well and for free. Here's where I used it:


You can hear the first little riff of it at 7 seconds in, and it can be heard another couple of times in this preview. The effects I used weren't much, just auto panning, stereo expansion, and maybe a reverb or delay plugin, I can't remember at the moment. I would definitely recommend at least giving this a try, even if you weren't necessarily looking for something like it. You've got nothing to lose, you could find a way to alter it, and you may want a synth like this at some point so why not? Easier than making a similar sounding patch in Massive or something else like that.

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