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VirtualKeyboard [read all reviews]
Reviewed By mizpulyn [read all by] on 12th May 2018
Version reviewed: 1.4.8 on Windows.
Last edited by mizpulyn on 12th May 2018.
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I use this plugin as visualiser to see what notes are being played. I use it with chord generators or when i want to see what notes were recorded during previous recording session. I dont use QWERTY keyboard as input - i use 88 key MIDI keyboard - so i cant judge on the features regarding QWERTY input.

I tested several similar plugins and this is the ONLY ONE that has everything:

- no octave limit - i can display all 7+ octaves of my 88 MIDI keyboard.

- keyboard is resizable with absolutely no size limit - i have 30" LCD display and the keyboard is resized edge to edge with nice height too.

- keywidth is also resizable.

- you can scroll the keyboard left / right by 1 key increment so you can choose EXACT crop of the displayed keyboard range
(this is something i couldnt find on any other program - ussually the left / right scrolling jumps by whole octave increments)

- all the size config is REMEMBERED so you adjust the size once and it loads like that everytime you load the VST in future.

- display octave or note names for quick orientation.

- customisable color for active keys to make things high contrast.

- fading is nice bonus - the keys that are released do not loose color immediatelly with Note off message but the color fades down slowly (can be set in miliseconds) - this is nice for piano beginners.

- in Reaper the VST integrates flawlessly and reacts to notes from timeline MIDI clips, notes played live via MIDI keyboard, notes played by any plugin that preceeds this plugin in chain - all at once - no issues... the window can be in foreground or background and always works...

- the tiny icon bars can be hidden and window resized so you ONLY see the black and white keys and nothing else - very very clean design.

Check the DEMO it made me buy it after making sure all the above checks.

For 19 USD i didnt find any plugin that would combine ALL these benefits IN ONE... Congrats for WELL THOUGHT OUT PLUGIN.