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Reviewed By wormjar [read all by] on September 24th, 2002
Version reviewed: blur on Windows
ok it takes a worrying amount of time to load into logic but hey...

sound... jesus f££cking christ this this is so good. dream synth preset makes me cry... phat and dirty, it is low and great.

i have only been into all this shit for about a year and a bit and before this synth i did not really know what analogue and fat really meant. now i do. that is probably the best review it will ever get.

read the computer music guide to fm on www.computermusic.co.uk if you want some more info. fm is like a worn in jumper.. some how better.. you will know what i mean
Reviewed By wormjar [read all by] on September 24th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.x on Windows
right, i thought this thing was lame when i first got it.. then i got logic 5 and realised you could automate the whole damn thing...


gui... 10. it is in a straight line. it is one screen. what more do you want. alright the colours are rank, but who cares.

sound... oh my god... get this into logic. stick the logic phase distortion and then a compressor set to a proper level on this baby and it howls. best bit is the accent and dist turned up full, tune/oct turned low, the wave on square and the reso right up. now turn the cutoff down. PHAT AS FUCK. this thing is more than a 303, and sounds totally different. if you want mellow warbley 303 get the tau. if you want the crack rush get this.