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Reviewed By bengeorge [read all by] on April 17th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
I've been using Drumular since it was in beta, and I have to say that it is my all time favorite drum synth. Better than Drummatic? Well... sorry Drummatic old pal, but yes.

The main feature to Drumular is the many many types of "modules" that can be used in it's 16 slots. Sample players, synth drums, even a few fun weird things like the FM synth and the GDSM module.

I have found the developer to be very responsive to feature requests. The original beta had a few features that I thought were missing, I voiced my requests, and amazingly everything I asked for was present in the next release. Thanks!

The sound quality is very good, very punchy kicks etc, with multiple outputs. The monobass module is so thick and punchy that I wish it was available as its own standalone VST.

The interface is really great, clear and intuitive.

The program loading functionality is also good, giving you the option to load all the kits in a folder. One problem is that when you try to load a set of kits and one of the kits has had its samples moved, you have to find and/or cancel the search for every single sample. Another problem is that it is impossible to extract samples from kits saved in "dpp" format, for use in other kits or to simply fix the samples if they have clicks or whatever.

There are several excellent kits that come with the full-version. I'm looking forward to the release of additional kits, and I trying to build a few of my own from SoundFonts... now... if there some way to just directly load percussion SoundFonts directly into Drummular...