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Reviewed By audio/fault [read all by] on 5th February 2012
Version reviewed: 1.0.9 on Mac.
Last edited by du auch on 5th February 2012.
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I never really felt the need to get a proper reverb (beside the daw-included ones), but testing v-room changed my mind. It immediately filled my music/mixes with room (hence the name). It's sounding natural and full, but still clear without making the mix muddy (that goes for all 9 reverb-modes without an exception).

Another important part is it's easy to use gui. Especially for a reverb-beginner like me it's clearly structured and has a helpful tooltip while the cursor crosses a knob/fader. Some may say the gui is to simple, but i really like the simplicity without any embellishment.

There are many presets included that can serve as a good start, but it's in the nature of reverbs, that it's used best with own adjustment, depending on music and the desired effect.

I must admit, that i'm not really an enthusiastic reverb-tester and my initial test of v-room was mostly based on the good reviews that it got in several forums, blogs etc. but i can't imagine there's much better value for money concerning reverb.

And regarding the fact that it got several new reverb-modes during it's development from 1.0.0. to 1.0.9. it seems also like a good investment in the future, as i'm sure there will be many more modes in future updates.

Reviewed By audio/fault [read all by] on 6th August 2004
Version reviewed: 1.1.2 on Mac
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beside kontakt and dfx buffer override reaktor session is the only vsti(win xp)/audiounit(osx) that is used in nearly all of my tracks.
i can't complain about many crashs, although i had some, but mostly i can avoid the situations that lead to the crash(e.g. cpu overload).
the included library is very good, but the main reason i bought reaktor session was the user library that can be found on the website of native instruments. i know no other collection of plugins(or something like that) beside pluggo that offers such great tools for sound manipulation(fx). but also the ("virtual analogue") synths sound very good(of course i tested not every single reaktor ensemble). the gui depends on the used ensemble(there are some that are very hard to use), but in generally the main features(and most of the ensembles) are very easy to use. the support at native instruments is good i think(i only mailed them once, but there's also the forum on ther website).
with only a sequencer and reaktor session you are very well equipped for every kind of (electronic) music.
Reviewed By audio/fault [read all by] on 6th August 2004
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Mac
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i already had this plugin for a long time on my harddisc but never used it. i can't remember why but some months ago i discovered it again and since then it's used in nearly all of my productions. it's very easy to use because there aren't many parameters(and a really nice gui).
buffer override is great for all kinds of stutter effects(or pitch manipulation) used on drumloops(or any other source as well).
it has it's very own sound, thats why one should be careful to use it in every production(there's the danger that every track sounds kind of similiar), but i'm addicted so some of my music sounds kind of similiar.
on my ibook(osx) and my pc(win xp) i never had any problems with this plugin. there aren't many presets, but the few that are included are well programmed to show the potential of this fx.
all in all i couldn't live(or at least work) without this plugin.
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