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GComp [read all reviews]
Reviewed By rockstar_not [read all by] on 12th June 2011
Version reviewed: unknown on Windows
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I guess I was surprised to see that no-one had reviewed G-Comp before 2011; because I have used it to teach others what compression actually does, in a graphical sense.

The ability to see the input and output waveforms is useful as is the direct control of the threshold, knee and other functions as well.

Graham did a great job keeping this simple, but giving a view under the hood to help with the visual understanding of the signal manipulation.

Make sure to check out Graham's other plugins if you want a basic suite of 'get the job done' plugins, some with handy visuals just like this one.
AZR3 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By rockstar_not [read all by] on 31st December 2005
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows
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For free, you can't beat this B3 emulator, and the leslie rotor speed responds to mod wheel, like it should. You have to love developers like Mr. Taips.

The presets, though not many, span plenty of sonic territory and give a great launching point for your own presets. The leslie is believable and very adjustable, including belt tension!!. The 'Mr. Valve' overdrive works to put some or alot of dirt in the sound like you want it to.

Overall, the sounds sit nicely in a mix and sound much better than sampled B3 organs. You owe it to yourself to give this a download and a trial on your own. It's my favorite B3 emulator for free/shareware.

I use it in Tracktion 2 with no problems.

Documentation comes in the form of a .pdf manual, which is pretty complete. It details all of the automatable parameters with AZR3. It also includes the GNU license for the plugin.

Rumpelrausch provides it for free, but asks if you end up using it that you donate to a charitable Non-Government Organzation - cool idea.

Thanks Rumpelrausch!
Senderella [read all reviews]
Reviewed By rockstar_not [read all by] on 10th December 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0.6 on Windows
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This is the simplest way around Tracktion's lack of a aux send bus (without using the cool but confusing rack).

Works like a charm, thanks Subliminal!! The idea of renaming works excellent also. Simply by renaming the .dll, Senderella lets you setup descriptive send/return paths like 'reverb_send', just for instance.

Tracktion should just ante up and pay subliminal for this plug and include it in the basic version of Tracktion.

The user interface is quite simple and easy to understand - it would be cool of Tracktion just included a simple send/return knob in the filter section. Senderella has the signal handling, all Raw Material Software needs to do is put the knob or slider GUI to it and it's done. (Can you tell I don't code?)

No presets are necessary.

Customer Support - not necessary. All you need to know about how to use it is in the description right above. It's that simple.

Since it's free, it makes the already valuable Tracktion even more easy to use.

Hasn't crashed on me.