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Reviewed By ] Peter:H [ [read all by] on 29th November 2019
Version reviewed: 2.x.x on Windows
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Like it. It's definitely unique in sound and style. People tend to say the gui is not "normal" like every other gui.

But with a synth that unique and that versatile it's just their bad luck. HrastoProgrammer Transitov is another gem of the same kind, where people complain about the GUI and it's complexity. Guys music is not about GUIs, it's about sound. And if you are looking for unique sound and not for an eye pleasing gui, check out Waverazor. It was very unique to do OneSynthChallenge #119 with Waverazor. So many times we get yet another subtractive synth without any new features. But Waverazor was different, challenging but at the same time very rewarding if the challenge was masterd. Just check out the results of the OneSynthChallenge: https://soundcloud.com/kvrosc/sets/one-synth-challenge-119