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Reviewed By madwab [read all by] on November 13th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.6.6 on Windows

I spotted this easy to miss product in the current sale, price US$29. At first glance it was just another bundle of effects, but the claim of sixty-four of them caught my eye: unless the quality was very low, that alone would be worth the asking price. Then I spotted the LFOs: modify any effects parameter using up to eight LFOs. OK, you have a sale. Then I saw the bit about VSTs: load any of your own VSTs into it too. Sold.

I bought it, I installed it. The effects seem pretty good - I mostly use it for guitar with some distortion so I haven't worked out if the sound is 'quality', but first impression is it's very good. Not as many presets as I'd have liked, but they seem varied and good quality. In the LFO section there are also eight 'MSEGs', not something I've heard of before but they look like LFOs with a more user definable shape rather than just sine, triangle etc. Want a filter with its resonance controlled by an irregular square wave? Easy.

Magma is VST2 only, so it won't scan VST3 plugins. Effects are assigned in up to four banks of four; a routing section defines which order these banks take effect: series, parallel etc, there are six options. Any effect slot can be a 'VST chainer' which can contain up to eight external plugins, from whence they can be edited, muted or solo'd. That's also where plugin folders are defined.

Even at full price this is a steal. At the sale price, it's a no brainer. The only other product I have that is comparable is Blue Cat's Axiom, which takes the external VST concept to an extreme - it's more powerful, more complex and more expensive and, as the name implies, aimed at the guitarist. I like Axiom. I also like Magma.

Reviewed By madwab [read all by] on October 16th, 2020
Version reviewed: unknown on Any OS

"Hi, my names Bob and I'm a VST addict."

Well, the 'Bob' part's made up, but the rest is true. Amongst my VSTs are gems like Komplete Ultimate 11 CE, IK's Total MAxx, and the Arturia V collection; but if all were removed, the collection wouldn't be much smaller. For the last few months I've been cutting back, only acquiring (I use that word rather than 'buying', because there's some great free stuff out there) - only acquiring VSTs that add to what I already have.

So, a Kontakt synth at 75% off and costing $20? It looks ugly, but let's play the video.

For the first part of it, I was ready to stop - some nice sounds, some ordinary. But the chap doing the demo did a good job, and before long I knew I was going to get this one. That video is worth watching to the end: SEQui2R synth looks basic and old school, but it's a fairly powerful synth, capable of producing some very pleasant sounds, some great old school patches, and some hurting bass. Then add the sequencer, which is like nothing else I've seen, and the combination is no brainer at the discount price, and well worth the full price.

I bought it last night, around 11pm Pacific Time. You have to email the vendor to get a download link; they replied immediately, that's around 7am where they are, in the UK.

This morning I mostly went through the presets (which have to be installed as Kontakt snapshots - easy to do, but there's a video in the download to show you how if you don't know.) There are lots, and they're varied and I would think do justice to the product. I did a bit of patch editing too, but it really needs to be done in combination with the manual or the afore-mentioned youtube video - there's no popups when hovering over a control, and there are lots of controls.

One particular point of note: these guys make patches that use the mod wheel. I *hate* running through presets that don't use the mw, but SEQui2R synth does, to sometimes excellent effect. Thanks for that.

Reviewed By madwab [read all by] on August 30th, 2020
Version reviewed: unknown on Windows.
Last edited by madwab on 4th September 2020.

I ordered CrazyRhythm through KVR 8 days ago. Evil Turtle Productions were supposed to send an email with download instructions, but despite further queries to their support email, they haven't responded in any way. KVR has been in touch with me and I have no issues at all with KVR. Whatever is up with the person or people running Evil Turtle Productions however, I'd suggest that people avoid this product until the issue is resolved.

[Updated 4th September 2020. The day after posting the above review (which at the time I gave one star to], I received a link to the product. No explanation was given for the delay. I installed it and tried it out, and I'm perfectly happy with it. It pretty much does what it is described as doing, so I have nothing to add beyond it being straightforward to install and use, and potentially a lot of fun.

I then contacted the seller again, the same day, to say that I would be updating this review and to see if they wanted to add anything. I sent that email to both the support and sales emails. Since then, I've heard nothing.

I've updated the product version in the review window from 'n/a' (because I had no product) to 'unknown' because I can't find a product version, even in the .exe file details panel.

The bottom line is that support seems to be non-existent. If you buy it, you might be able to download it eventually or you might not. If you do, you will have a good product to play with, but if you have any questions, you'll be on your own. Sad.].

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