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Reviewed By MrJubbly [read all by] on 7th April 2021
Version reviewed: 1.8.16 on Windows
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Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE is one of the best audio software purchases I have ever made and I do not say that lightly. I use the effects included within this bundle both as separate VST plugins and also as integrated snapins inside MultiPass and SnapHeap in almost every project I create.

The whole Kilohearts snapin eco-system is one of the very best I have encountered. I am also impressed with how efficient the Kilohearts custom installer and updater operates. It has to be one of the most streamlined and integrated installer and activation methods I have used.

The developer has really impressed me with their clear and functional design aesthetic and operation of their plugins and their excellent signature synthesizer 'Phase Plant' also included in this bundle. Both the synth and the effect snapins combine together so seamlessly and naturally. The sound design possibilities with this Toolbox seem truly endless.

I have also found their active Discord to be very active, friendly and informative, a really great community and as Kilohearts keep building upon their Toolbox with additional effects added to their snapin library, their discount upgrades for new additions to the eco system have also been very reasonably priced.

Overall, Kilohearts have impressed me deeply and I cannot recommend them and this product highly enough. I wish I could go higher, but 5 out of 5 stars will have to do. They certainly have earned it.

Reviewed By MrJubbly [read all by] on 7th April 2021
Version reviewed: 8 on Windows
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It deeply bothers me that the separate 'Arturia Software Center application' insists on opening in the background any and every time I open an Arturia V Collection 8 plugin and that in doing so, also delays the loading speed and quick access of Arturia plugins.

This is unacceptable to me as a paying customer and of all the many plugins I have purchased, the Arturia V Collection 8 (and Arturia Pigments) are the only purchases which I regret making. One thing is for sure, I know for certain I will never buy any Arturia software again in the future. I just wish I could offload these unused and unwanted plugins to some other poor soul.

I similarly avoid iLok plugins for their slow loading performance-degrading reasons (among others things) and if I had realised this was how Arturia's plugins also operated, I never would have bought them in the first place. In fact all these Arturia plugins are currently now just sitting on my PC never being used in any of my projects due to their sluggish load times, and since I have other far better and faster-loading alternatives, like my DUNE 3, PianoTeq 7 and U-He synth collection, which are unencumbered by such burdensome protection millstones.

Reviewed By MrJubbly [read all by] on 5th April 2021
Version reviewed: 1.5.8 on Windows
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Fantastic synth and a really great company and customer service.

Spire, as many have already attested here, has a superb audio quality and is really efficient and resource friendly within users projects, allowing many instances of Spire to perform simultaneously with no drawbacks, even on older hardware.

Spire also now has one of the best preset menu user interfaces around and in my opinion is practically a perfect plugin at this point.

I must say that in my own personal experience, Reveal Sound's customer service has been excellent, and even very recently reinstated support for very old Intel CPUs which I am currently using in my device, which has allowed me to continue to use their product updates.

Overall, a fantastic product and company, that I will fully recommend to everybody, both now and in the future.