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Reviewed By Huggie [read all by] on 2nd November 2004
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Mac
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I can't believe there are no reviews for this yet! Maybe it is because it is Mac OSX only (But not for long, I hear it may be ported to Windows soon!)
This is a truly easy to use and useful Beat maker!!!
Just like the drum machines of old. Think MPC60 etc...
Nice Clean GUI!
Chunky Swing!!!!! I love the Swing!!!!!
Easy step recording!!!
It makes phat beats with no fuss!!!

What the iDrum lacks in bells and whisles it makes up for in user friendlyness.

I like to work fast and ideas get lost when tech is to complicated. Not so with iDrum. I think of a beat, I find the samples, I write the beat, bang, done!
Having a stand alone version is very cool too. Sometime I just want to write a beat. Not having to open Logic to use iDrum sure saves time!

Multi outs are on the way in the next version! Plus a few other improvements. This is why I haven't given this plug a full 10. I may well edit this when the new version arrives.

Thanks Art! I loved Phatmatik Pro and I LOOOVE iDrum!

PS I just did a remix for a band using iDrum. After listening to it they assumed I'd used my MPC60!!!
Reviewed By Huggie [read all by] on 20th November 2002
Version reviewed: 1.02 on Mac.
Last edited by Huggie on 7th February 2004.
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This synth sounds as good as it looks. Very 'up front'. Great 4 basses and lead synths not so good on the pad front. However, I may just need 2 sit down and program the little sucker a bit more. Still getting my head around the interface, but the presets r a good place to start.

Looking foward 2 updates. I hear lfo's r on the cards. hint, hint...

Edit: I have just installed the OSX VSTi version. It is wrapped and operating as an AU in Logic 6 without a hitch! I truly love this synth!!!!!

Thanks Mr Kleps!!!!!!!!!!