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Reviewed By sterzoni [read all by] on 7th February 2021
Version reviewed: 2020 on Mac.
Last edited by sterzoni on 7th February 2021.
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The worst user support ever experienced: the technical service does not respond to the user's inquiries. The company promises to contact the user, but then it does not. Here's my experience.

On December 13, 2020 I purchased MiniGrand from the KVR online store; the software has been duly activated in iLok. Still on December 13, I sent a technical support request through the AIR website because, notwithstanding the instructions in the user's guide, I was unable to get MiniGrand recognized by Logic. I received an email from the company, confirming that the request had been taken in charge and promising contact from a technician in 48 hours, but nobody ever touched base with me. I sent the request again on Dec 18, received the confirmation email, and I'm still waiting for the tech support to contact me. A few days later I was able to solve the problem by myself, but a new issue arose: MiniGrand on my computer sounds like a low-bitrate sampled piano, with poor quality. I'm using much larger libraries on the same machine without any problems. My computer fulfils all system requirements as reported on the website. I tried to send an inquiry through the website on Dec 24, but the request couldn't be completed due to technical problems with the webpage. I then sent an email to the sales department; a person from the software support team replied on the same day, but his message simply provided a link to a webpage confirming that MiniGrand was compatible with MacOS Catalina (the version if called "2020 update" on the AIR website). I replied that the problem wasn't solved and asked for another solution, but never got any feedback. The company has never contacted me, even though more than one month has passed. I find such behaviour unacceptable for a paid product and I regret spending my money for this VST.