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Reviewed By audiobot202 [read all by] on 26th March 2006
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows.
Last edited by audiobot202 on 26th March 2006.
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I have been a fan of HG Fortune synths for a long time and when I heard that excellent graphic designer, Vera Kinter, was offering the Golden Aset for sale on her website I was more than intrigued !
Golden Aset is a fantastic sounding softsynth. It excels at swirling, mystical, atmospheric pads. Some of them sound like the sands of the great deserts of ancient Egypt swooshing overhead while others sound remarkably like deep space supernovae exploding into scintillescent shards. If you are looking for an atmospheric softsynth, don't look any further. Get this one !
The GUI is shiny and polished. Vera offers it in three flavour colours so it would be hard not to like any of them. She has designed all of the presets and you get so many to choose from ! The Golden Aset also employs the 'Lazy' button; a great randomisation feature when you are stuck for insspiration.
At such a cheap price there is no reason not to get it and it's very worthwhile being able to support someone like Vera who puts so much effort into her cool graphic designs so that we can enjoy them on our screens.
Definitely a must buy !!!