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Reviewed By mr.me [read all by] on March 9th, 2004
Version reviewed: 2.0.4 on Windows.
Last edited by Mr.Me on 10th March 2004.
What Robert said below is exactly what I thought at first, digital sounding (the filters are a bit too sharp). To me the presets weren't very useful either....to be honest.

Don't give up on it tho! You just have to remember that CronoX is a sampler and if it sounds digital, find some fat warm samples and load em up!
I like using all Cronos in a tune, it's got a sound of it's own...it's kinda like using FM synths, they can be hard to work with if you don't know what your after.

You can get good results with this, you just have to keep at it! When you get those impresssive results you want, you'll be patting yourself on the back for finding this kick ass sampler synth for such a great price!!

Hope this review was helpfull, I felt like I had to say something. CronoX was just sitting off to the side never getting used and I decided to give it another shot. It's great now that I've learned how to use it! :)

CPU is great too, I used CronoX 7 x with my AMD Atholon XP 2500 handling it with out a prob!
Reviewed By mr.me [read all by] on June 21st, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.4 on Windows.
Last edited by mr.me on 22nd June 2005.
This Synth doesn't get nearly enough recognition, I think that's all about to change now with the ultra low cpu consumtion.

User interface is set up quite well, making the synth an ease to use. The Discovery's GUI is large enough to see, that's always a plus. The red skin makes the Discovery a sexy music making machine, it gets that inspiration flowing a bit more. ;)

The sound is so thick and rich, often exactly what I need to complete a track. This thing can make killer basses, leads and pads. You'll love its full and luscious sound. I think the Nord Lead 2 patch imports are still one hell of reason to buy, there's like well over 1200 nord lead patches. You can't beat that, puts a smile on my face !

Stability is also great with this thing, never crashes! I had 9 instances open with my AMD XP 2500 Processor and a couple reverbs along with some compressors....everything went like silk. :) After the 2.4 upgrade, the cpu eating patches are no more...hardly noticed cpu consumption...with very high quality sound.

In my opinion the price is great for this fine machine. I mean just look and hear what it can do!

Features like Nord Lead 2 and 2X patch import, Layer Morphing, Arpeggiator, Built-in Chorus, Phaser , Panning and Delay effects...MIDI learn!!!! This feature list is a good reason why this synth is so usable.

As far as the docs go, I've never needed them for this synth....ease of operation. However if you did need them, you can find them inside the Disco folder you've installed.

Disco's Costomer Support is excellent, working out any problems or questions promptly...and in a very profesional way. Making my Costomer Support rating for the Discovery and Disco products an 11 (if it went that high). ...and it is much appreciated, thanks Disco!

Try the Demo!! If you get it, go to Patch Arena and get the free "Best of Nord Lead 2" bank (and others).

This is worth a the high rating, I'm very pleased. :)