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Reviewed By Tren [read all by] on 2nd October 2009
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by Tren on 2nd October 2009.
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This product has been discontinued now, which is a shame because it's a remarkably versatile effects plugin that lets you do a lot of stuff and is very powerful in the way it can be triggered and modulated. It has a multitude of waveforms, four filters, delay and a rhythmic modulator thing for creating trance gate effects etc. One particularly interesting use is that you can stick it on your track's master bus with a ramp-up waveform and use that to modulate the gain in perfect tempo sync with your song; creating the house sucking/pumping effect absolutely perfectly. I wonder if Antares will ever reboot the line and create a new version? It seems they're too busy playing catchup with Melodyne at the moment, and selling mini versions of auto-tune designed explicitly to recreate the Cher effect that looks like it will never go away! I guess if Filter isn't ever relaunched, there are alternatives such as Fabfilter's Volcano 2 but it doesn't have the charm of this old product by Antares. I guess if they don't ever relaunch then technically, eventually it will become abandonware. Make of that what you will!
Reviewed By Tren [read all by] on 28th January 2009
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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This is an excellent VSTi. Do not be put off by the fact it was assembled in Synthedit. It is a very powerful string machine creator that I have found to be superior to 'Virtual String Machine' by GMedia (a product which to me isn't very playable - why they went the samples route after their excellent Oddity and impOSCar modelled plugins, I do not know!). The latest version of Musicrow's Vintage Strings is even better than the original MKI version; it's my favourite way to pad my songs, depending on the vibe I'm going for, after a Hammond organ (Guido's VB3 if you're wondering!) and it sits and glues into the mix beautiful. It can also be used for nice lead sounds. In addition, those big fat detuned 'dance' string sounds are possible; although I do not use these in my music. The built in chorus ensemble effect is excellent although I also like to turn it off and run the plugin into a phasor to get different tones.

Vintage Strings has never crashed inside my host (Cubase SX 2.2) and it is quick to load. The product is highly recommended, excellent value and gives very professional results.