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Reviewed By Carbonboy [read all by] on 15th April 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Carbonboy on 15th April 2004.
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I have seen a lot said about Sytrus as an FM synth and compared to FM7 in the forums here on KVR, well comparisons to FM7 sell this synth way short. Yes sytrus can do FM (possibly better than FM7) but it also does RM, Subtractive and Plucked synthesis has complex envelopes (you can make any shape you want) wave-shapers, chorus, unison and more.

Programming Sytrus can be as complex or simple as you want to make it. I tend to err on the simple side myself as I am not an FM guru, however the matrix does make it a lot easier to come to grips with than other FM synths I have used. I mainly use Sytrus as a 6 OSC subtractive synth (with custom wave-forms).

It's early days however there is already an impressive set of patches shipping with the synth, I expect this will rapidly grow as more people discover this synth.

Most importantly for me the sound quality is very impressive, deep powerful bass to sweet crisp highs it's all there. Finally, with up to 64X oversampling we have one future-proof VST.

However enough talking download the demo and try it yourself :)