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Reviewed By bluebus [read all by] on August 27th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Windows
This is a synth mainly, but not only for syn.bass lines.

What's cool:
The combination synth + buildtIn fx makes this thing a killer. The sound of both, osc and fx is great.
The user interface is very well laid out and the 303 sequencer-pad emulation (incl the LEDs) is cool.
I also like little details like [CTRL]click resets the knob to its def.state or the ability to switch from circular to linear mode (within the synth) for controlling knobs with the mouse.
Pretty much everything responds to midi CC (fixed).
Also a bonus: A well written manual in pdf format.
Very good value for money.

What's not so cool:
Knobs don't respond to mousewheel

I'd like to have some default presets loaded, or, even better to have a def.bank which is autoloaded with the plug on start.
Also I'd like to be able to "bind" certain midiCC# to certain knobs to my likings.