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IQ4gui [read all reviews]
Reviewed By megadeth [read all by] on 14th December 2010
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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You probably know multi band compressors ?
But you may know they mess the phase because they use crossovers to split frequencies, too...and are not very precise.

With this dynamic EQ, no more troubles like this.

You can be more accurate, because you set the exact frequency, not a band.
You can use low self, high self and peak EQ.
When the dynamic EQ is not triggered, your sound is NOT modified at all.
Unlike multi band, because they always split bands even not in use.
Much more respectful on acoustics instruments...and voice.
Voice is just horrible treated with multi band...

You want a de-esser ? It can do it with peak EQ in 3.5 - 5 kHz
You want to remove bass rumble ? It can do it with low self EQ starting at 80 - 120 Hz
You want to remove a spike in your signal ? Put a section in solo "Listen" mode, find the culprit and lower the threshold...

Possibilities are just infinite.

4 bands, solo listen, linked sidechain...and usual EQ and compressor settings.

Some presets are provided, for starter purpose.
You get a very complete manual too.

It never crashed.
GUI is nice.

Of course, the sound is very accurate.

Enter the dynamic EQ world for free now ;)
And forget multi band compressors :D
Surge [read all reviews]
Reviewed By megadeth [read all by] on 5th November 2009
Version reviewed: 1.5.1 on Windows
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I wanted to review this synth because it is not like any other

The last review is old, so i wanted to say : it still alive ;)
I will not enter the technical domain, all is already written

This synth can do anything : bass, lead, arp, pad, FX ... and more :D
The versatility is very huge (i totaly dislike bass only synths or pads only)

It is sounding very huge and fat (that's the first thing you will feel)
But the modulations, arp, effects...can make it strange, mysterious, twisted...too

It is not the usual virtual analog with 70's feel, nor the cold digital modern sound, but all of them at the same time ;)

It is full of stock presets (1010 patches for now), so you will find anything from bread and butter sounds to experimental digital FX

Another important thing is inspiration : i found a lot of inspiring presets to start a song

Conclusion : this is a very good sounding synth, with a lot of routing and modulation possibilities, can do any kind of style or sounds...and the price is very nice too !!!

you don't need to trust me, you can download the demo and listen to demo samples ;)
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