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Reviewed By wario_bhoy [read all by] on June 2nd, 2007
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by wario_bhoy on 2nd June 2007.
I like this plug-in.

It purports to be a fun, free plug-in and nothing more than that.

It comes as part of a bundle called ‘InsBag’ by the author Tobybear, a bundle which contains three other plug-in instruments.

The first thing that struck me when using this instrument is how the sound is ‘near as dammit’ to the ‘good-ole’ 303 sound that’s so frequently emulated these days.

The author plainly states that his plug-in is written in Delphi. To a doubter like me, that doesn’t sound particularly promising.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Screamer sounds great.

It has a nice ‘step sequencer’ approach. One note programmed in the sequencer triggers a pattern already programmed in Screamer.

At first I couldn’t work out why Screamer would play a different scale when differing triggers were sent, despite playing apparently the same sequence. (A single note change confirmed this assumption.)

A quick check of the manual shows that a programmed pattern is played when a ‘C’ note is received. Playing a D sharp for example will transpose the playback 3 semi-tones. (It sounds obvious reading it, but try it.)

The author begs us not to “take this too seriously”. However, considering all the usual considerations of a step sequencer/303 emulator have been addressed (Note on/off, glide and accent are all present) then I don’t see why I shouldn’t.

As a free (as in beer) plug-in for 303-ish sounds it certainly meets my needs.

Coupled with some other effects plug-ins it sounds great.

Oh, and it syncs to the sequencer’s clock perfectly.