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Reviewed By Blue Wind Project [read all by] on 2nd January 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by system20 on 2nd January 2006.
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Well, this is my first review, so please
be patient with my lack of knowledge of synthesizers.

I had bought this synth for Chrsitmas, and
instantly dove right into this wonderfull synth.
well thought out gui and easy to navigate. In
no time I had learned my way around all the
functions, and what did what.

I am not really knowledgeable about all the
different names of controls, and I usually just
wing in, what sounds good, sounds good, and the
Golden Aset sounds good..anybody could easily
program this synth simply by using the " LAZY "
option...then it gets better by just tweaking
a few knobs..and you have some incredible sounds.

The Goldean Aset comes complete with 4
patch/banks to get you started, which will give
you a whopping 400+ sounds, so if programming
patches and banks is not you gig, it'll give
you hours of fantastic sounds which will fit
nicely in any ambient/space music project.

This golden beauty is perfect for
atmospheric and textured ambient music, but
also can ( if you know your way around )
create some lead and rhythmic sounds as well,
which puts the Golden one into a class all in
it's self.

At a price of $30.00, it is truely a
bargain, I would say this would be a welcome
addition to anybody's VSTi folder.
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