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Reviewed By realmarco [read all by] on February 17th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on unspecified OS.
Last edited by realmarco on 17th February 2002.
Well this is a granular sampler..the way it works is to import an .aiff files(no .wav) and then you can play it like any old sampler

but the thing is that its a granular sampler, so if your press elswhere the sample oscillator doesn't go darth-vader on valium

althought you can select a normal playback(if thats your bag)

since I only have a mac its kinda something that fills the gap that CronoX(linplug) leaves ...

hey what is also cool is that i got it for free.
since the author is in japan and there isn't any particular way to pay him...so he sent it to me for free...ask him he might give it to ya

Conclusion: cool for sound-design or in a pinch where you need to playback a sample...or use a sample and keeps its time and formant..this is it

Reviewed By realmarco [read all by] on February 12th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.1 on unspecified OS.
Last edited by realmarco on 12th February 2002.
Wow for those of you that wanted
to use Dr rex in cubase well this is it !!!

-its excellent
-sounds good
-very easy on the cpu(not even 1% on my g4)
-Mac and Pc
-Very phunky filter(lp,hp) with Rezz
- and last but not least..it's absolutely Free

My mac is very happy, since i can't afford Reason.

Its very phunky filter(lp,hp),
can be modulate in sync with the host(feature that are hidden in the GUi..notes,half note triplet etc)

at first there was a clicky issue but,
bitshift was very fast in fixing this

do yourself a favor download it
and download also the free Rex files on the site.

You can now use rex files without fiddling with the audio-editor in cubase.

load the Rex file
click export
you generate a midi file that you re-import in your host and there you have it !

the midi part phatmatik and change it to your liking or assign the midi file to another VSTi...excellent for host that don't support Rex files!

you use it like any other VSTi synth...change the order or make a completely different pattern on the fly by pressing you keyboard or Drum-pad..very cool with using the pitch-bend

Can't wait forphatmatike pro(step-sequencer,more filter and automatic chopping up any old audio file)
(no need for recycle anymore)

Cheers bitshift...i can't understand that there aren't anymore people reviewing this very nice VSTi

Reviewed By realmarco [read all by] on December 18th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.5 on unspecified OS.
Last edited by realmarco on 18th December 2001.
sound like Shit!!!

... but that is the point

don't expect it to follow pitch.

its a weird noise machine!

play a note...
play the upper octave
and there ya go!something totally different the the other note...but that is the point .

for the price its pretty good i guess this thing is more like: patch a weird sound and then export it a sound file and then import it to a sampler and then play it pitched

kinda unique next to sicksynth(toby) but its PC AND MAC as well... which is good for me..:)
Reviewed By realmarco [read all by] on December 10th, 2001
Version reviewed: 0.1 on unspecified OS.
Last edited by realmarco on 13th December 2001.
this thing doesn't work at all...it doesn't follow your keyboard...so I give this one a 1 on a scale of ten....weird.

Oops my bad! (december 12,2001)
Dave at muon showed me how to use it...you press on the middle C and you press any other note on the left its like you fret the string with your right keyboard hand and pluck with your left keyboard hand...

Cheers Dave !

Sorry CES i guess its pretty good for freeware , sorry about that...any chance of updating this puppy with a gui and better sounds and usability ?

7 out of ten
Reviewed By realmarco [read all by] on December 6th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.4 on unspecified OS
Oh my god this thing ROCKS!

I mean its like THE most flexible VSTi to my eyes,ears and wallet(hehehe)

ever wanted to make Drums with a synth?

...Check out the "Galway-noise" channel,
i mean its like having a classic subtractive synth with Humonguous(!!!) modulation with a waldorf Attack stuck to it...

no Fm though...but with this thing you can actually CREATE an Fm operator.

..And the envelopes! 4 of them, clickable ala Absynth/FM7 and they can do anything
(check out the combiners+the modulating Matrix)

I haven't been this excited since i first got my hand(er,mouse) on Electron.

Don't take my word for it, There is a Demo (MAC/PC) ....

EXPERIENCE it, a programmers wet dream!

P.S. tons of other feature too loooong to list
Reviewed By realmarco [read all by] on August 29th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
this VSTi is very flexible.
3 oscillators,2Lfo,2Envelopes 4kinds of filters.
Pratically anything can be modulated by the Lfo,envelopes,modweel and velocity.

You can assign the 2 filters(lp,Hp,Bp,Br)in parallel,Serial,Linked or turn VCF1 or VCF2 off.

There is pulseWidth modulation, and the ever so cool ''SYNC''.

The 3 Oscillators are very clear, crisp and Phatttt! you can modulate the cutoff with the Lfos and envelopes at THE SAME TIME. same for Q.

The features are too long to list, D/L the demo www.muon-software.com you won't believe the Power and Flexibility!

Even with this quality, CPUsage is not
too heavy but its using 64 bits so don't
expect cpu usage of crappy aliased wavetable
vsties that I won't mention....

Presets? not in the thousands, but I made one myself that you can Download here.