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Reviewed By craigmorris74 [read all by] on July 20th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
Easily the best sounding, and possibly most overlooked tape simulation I've tried. Sounds very nice when added to my drums bus that's too slick or clean sounding or just need a little punch. Takes a while to figure out exactly what some of the knobs do, but its hard to get a bad sound out of this thing unless you crank it up to brutal distortion levels. Besides, the documentation is thorough and the developer is always ready to answer your questions. The interface looks like a nice classy vintage device. Feature wise there are many interesting things you can do to shape your sound. I didn't find all the presets to be epsecially useful. Some didn't achive what they described. However most could achive the sound the preset described with minimal tweaking. However, as with any plug, it's probably best to figure out appropriate settings on your own. Since this plug is included with the Analogue Flux Suite that includes a retro delay, chorus, a channel insert, and a convolution processor , it is an excellent value at only $79.95.