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Reviewed By frog_jr [read all by] on 23rd December 2007
Version reviewed: 1.46 on Windows.
Last edited by frog_jr on 23rd December 2007.
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This is a fabulous VST and well worth your money. This is one of the most FUN plugins I have, and if you like FSU you can work profane miracles with this beat slicer. The interface is easy to use and learn, and VERY well thought out, and reminds me of a Mac user interface; simple extrinsically but intrinsically complex. Very easy to use, and very stable. If you are like me, a self-taught music maker tired of reading manuals for every #@@$% thing and spending hours configuring instead of playing, and just wanting to have FUN and bring back a little of the life to making computer music, this will get your rocks off. This is a plugin you can really PLAY with.

The documentation and examples provided at Ohm's website is clear and more than enough to get you going. I believe Darkstar has written a very nice guide for this one and like all of Darkstar's manuals, very well done. A+ for the documentation.

Regarding presets -- The free demo version comes with a few ready-made loops. Could there be some good presets for this one? Well, I suppose a handful more loops would be nice but not essential. I don't consider presets a very relevant issue in the case of this plugin.

My one complaint is simply that the developer, a very creative plugin designer, has been slow with the updates in 2007. There's been promises of support for .REX and .ZGR format files for probably a year now, and the version 1.5 was supposed to include these months ago I believe, and yet ver 1.46 was the last update, last summer. What you can load at present are .wav files of any size or resolution, and acidized wav's. I don't mean to say we're naturally entitled to new versions, either, but since the new version has been mentioned by the developer more than once, I remain very anxious to get it!

But I'll say again, even if it never gets updated again, it's still worth the price. This is an easy plugin you can play with for hours and not exhaust its potential, again and again.
Reviewed By frog_jr [read all by] on 7th March 2007
Version reviewed: 2000SP4 on Windows.
Last edited by frog_jr on 9th March 2007.
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I have downloaded and played around with VST plugins for years, and this, Peak Meter Pro, is probably the most exciting one I have tried for a long, long time.

This VST plugin is the supreme sidechaining utility, bar none. Unlike others which are limited to the traditional sidechain compression, this one allows you to use the amplitude of the sound passing through it to automate anything that can be controlled with MIDI CCs.

Also, where a traditional sidechain compressor or whatever reacts to the amplitude of the sound, sometimes with the option of filtering, this plug filters the sound (just for the purposes of the plugin, it is not audible) and allows you to use the pre- and post- filter, max peak, clip, RMS, for either left or right channel.

Sure, you can get ones that do at least some of the same stuff for free. But not so many of these things at once. For those who actually want or need it, this plugin is the most configurable, easy to set up sidechaining/automation plugin of all I have seen. Compared to others, it is essentially several plugs built into one, with the bonus of a very handsome, easy GUI, as well as very well-written tutorials on its usage at their website.

So if Lemon Sidekick and other sidechain plugs are interesting to you, consider this one, as it's an extremely well-designed and clearly made by a professional outfit.

(BTW, the only features I cannot properly rate here are of course what this plugin sounds like, as it doesn't makey any sound itself, and presets. It comes with no presets, but I didn't really expect any. It's a meter, after all, and will respond to the audio signal passing through it, so I'm not sure about how presets could be used.
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