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Reviewed By bongodrums [read all by] on February 19th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
I was looking for a softsynth of my favourite real synth (the JP8000) and finally, after a lot of vsts, I discovered Superwave P8.
This has to be THE JP8000 emulator of the bunch. Its sound quality is brilliant, it produces huge, fat strings, pads, sweeps that are dance essentials. If you've ever used AXS, think of that but with far superior sound quality, and of course VST integration.
I'm not much into the grey theme though; I'd much prefer to see it done in sexy silver or JP blue!

At first, I find the GUI overwhelming: there is just so much going on and so much control. Which is great, btw. It has 2 oscs with all the usual waveforms, and then it has 'superwaves', which really give the unit its huge fat sound. Along the top of it are 7 superwave controllers (which seem to only affect superwaves) that allow you to detune 7 superwaves it seems for each osc. I really like how you have two knobs for L/R pan pos, so you can position your sound anywhere in the stereo field that you like with as much width as you like. The delay fx are slightly complex, allowing you to have control over left and right delay lines. Basically, every parameter has oodles of control for really adjusting the sound to fit what you're doing.
The filters are unique for this synth in that they work extremely well for big sweeps, pads, strings, etc but they seem to lack 'bite' when you want to get certain bass sounds out of it, so I use other VAs for bass (and it's not quick to program in a simple punchy bass sound all those controls - you end up having to manually reset everything just to switch everything off and get an unaffected sound - very time consuming).

Presets: This is one of the few synths around that has incredibly useable presets. So much so that I don't think I'll bother programming it much at all, apart from simple filter mods. They really show off this machine perfectly. Drool-inducing!

Overall, the perfect machine for strings/pads/ambient sweeps. Don't forget it's FREE! Youd pay top-dollar for a hardware equivalent of this thing! Thousands have!
A massive thanks to the Superwave team!
Reviewed By bongodrums [read all by] on February 19th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows
Can a GUI get any better than this? I think not!
This thing oozes quality all the way. An absolute gem.

Sounds: Big'n'fat are the order of the day here. With a simple twist of a knob, you can turn a mono sound into a big fat stereo sweep. Crank up the filter and get THAT 303 squelchy lead. IT has discreet control for overdrive and numerous (and quite odd) use of envelopes. There are quite a lot of base waveforms to use on the 3 oscs, but I find them too similar. However, it makes up for this in filter types, fx, arpeggiator, etc. The big filter sweeps reminds me a lot of the Korg Prophecy; it had that same huge sound.

GUI: Everything is laid out logically and for quick access, which is always a plus. Just click on an osc window to display a drop-down selection list. Quickly switch FX on and off for auditioning. As I've said earlier, the GUI is sexyness all the way.

Presets: There is quite a bit of diversity here, and there appears to be a bit of crossover to reFX's other synths, which is great in my opinion. This synth is very versatile.

This really is one of a handful of top-notch synths out there, free or otherwise. I place it in the same quality league as Novation's V-Station. Excellent stuff.
Reviewed By bongodrums [read all by] on February 19th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows
I sat up all night until the very late early (!) hours of the morning just drooling over the sound that was coming out of this thing.

It sounds as good as *any* hardware I've ever heard. The filters really are liquidy-smooth.
It is capable of perfect vangellis sounds,arps,strings so another words it is perfect for all types of dance music!

Lush. Exotic. Quality. Throw any great superlative at it!

If I were to ever buy a hardware VA hardware synth I'd definately pick up one of these (the K-Station).
This softsynth is really well laid out. Each specific area has it's own flip-screen so you don't have everything just crammed into the one page.

The effects are of really good quality, and it seems really quick and easy to get the kind of sound out of it that you want, unlike many other softsynths that seem to be lacking a certain logic flow. I really like the way the most important FX settings can be quickly changed.

Overall, you can't go wrong with this if you're into dance music, or ambient electronica.
Reviewed By bongodrums [read all by] on February 19th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
Up until I found ASynth, I was using MiniMogue as my source of moog sounds. Well, this thing has better (cleaner, bitier) filters and I prefer it's interface. It has 3 filter models (based on three different synths), and they do sound different. All the usual moog sounds are here; they just sound really nice, especially when linked with delay. My only gripe is that the filter envelope doesn't seem to be able to handle full sweeps from a fully closed to a fully open state :( No matter what you do, you can always open the filter up more manually, which is a bit sucky, as the filter is so very nice on this one.
The GUI is clean, if a bit simple, but it does allow you to quickly do what you want in an unobtrusive manner. Like others, I find the filter button a bit hard to determine what option is selected, but other than that there are no other UI issues. It has portamento mode, which is great for those classic note slides, and a good bottom end.
Overall, one of the best free vsts out there, IMO the best free moog softsynth. Lovely.