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Ableton + AC Sabre 3: Deep Jazzy Chord Progressions, No Theory Required

GET AC SABRE — AC Sabre is a wireless, motion-based MIDI instrument that runs on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and is pretty handy for coming up with slick riffs and hooks for your productions and for live jamming on your synths like you're Hendrix. In the last two articles we looked at using the AC Sabre to do some [live wobble bass] (http://www.ableton-live-expert.com/ar...) and for some [energy pumping ARP-synth improvisation] (http://www.ableton-live-expert.com/ar...). In this third and final part we're gonna deepen the vibe and use the Sabre as a composition tool to create jazzy chord progressions for deep house, jazzy dubstep, balearic, downtempo, etc. (Full article on http://ableton-live-expert.com)