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Album normalisation [magnetron.app]

Save time and ensure high-quality audio with Magnetron.app's Album Normalization recipe. Automate the process of adjusting audio levels for multiple files, complying with industry recommendations from Tidal, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, and YouTube.

Transform PCM audio files into R128 compliant PCM audio files effortlessly. The loudest file is set to -14LUFS, with the rest adjusted accordingly. Plus, our solution ensures that the TruePeak stays below -1.0dB.

Magnetron.app revolutionizes desktop automation, bridging the skill gap of command line applications. Try our fast, secure, and scalable platform, and explore a library of recipes for audio, image, and video production. Simplify tasks, reduce errors, and save time and costs.

Experience the difference Magnetron.app can make in your workflow. Start with the Album Normalization recipe and join our community today. Visit magnetron.app for a free trial and discover advanced automation solutions.