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Plutonium plugins: Mastering Mode (A/B Testing only)

❍ 0v1.Records presents: Plutonium and PlutoniumXtra.

▣ Get your 15 days Trial version at at 0v1recordsplugin.com

❍ What technically is going on ?

▣ Plutonium adds sub-audible signals into the track. Through its ongoing work on Stereo, Compression, Equalisation and Transient alteration, the plugins will slightly excite and enhance specific frequencies and stereo ranges to get the best out of the track with minimal impact on the balance.

▣ Use the right panel to excite those frequencies independently (efficient on Drum and 808 elements).

▣ Or click at the Preset Buttons to send the effect to all of them at different intensities which will allow you to Trigger various Feelings.

▣ Plutonium can be used on Vocals, Drums, Instruments, for any type of music, anywhere in your mixing or mastering chain.