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Audio Brewers - Signals 'Blue': The Castle

In this demo, we explore Signals 'Blue' to its depth. Please mind that aside from a bit of EQ on the master track, NO third-party signal processing was done, aside from Ambisonics decoding and placement in the acoustic spectrum.

Featuring Audio Brewers: Signals 'Blue' and Audio Brewers: The Upright.

Signals 'Blue' is the ultimate tool to design custom textures that can adapt to any tonality, be major or minor and from there, to a plethora of chords with multiple voicings. This way, the resulting texture not only fills your music with an ambience, but this ambience is coherent to the chord progressions as you move through your music.

Unlike other textural libraries in which samples are ready with baked effects or pulses, we decided to create raw textural samples so that YOU would be in control of the results thanks to our powerful and versatile engine. By having these textures in raw, you will decide how they combine, how they pulse, how they modulate and which effects are applied - a complete textural Swiss-army knife.

But that's not all. Because our philosophy is to create sample libraries in Ambisonics so that they can be compatible with any speaker-array, we saw the sampling phase as a new challenge and instead of using plugins with reverbs or virtual halls, we partnered with 'Dust Bowl Cinematic' and spent a great deal of time to research and develop an acoustic art installation that would reshape sounds in a custom three-dimensional sphere, they called it Pandora.

Pandora has helped us push our sampling methods to a new level, and thanks to it, we've been able to offer Digitally Processed samples in an organic Ambisonics environment - everything that we captured and mixed was the natural replica of real acoustic morphosis.