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Audio Brewers - The Upright: After the Fall

Please mind that this demo contains no extra third-party plugins or signal processors. Everything you hear was made using exclusively 'The Upright', What You Hear Is What You Get.

Featuring a beautiful upright piano from the late eighties, 'The Upright' is the first virtual instrument ever to be recorded, mixed, and delivered fully in Ambisonics, allowing you to take control of how you want your listeners to feel the message you're delivering with your music.

Regardless of your final mix being in Stereo, Binaural, VR, or any Surround configuration, 'The Upright' will always keep not only the fidelity of the sound but transport your listeners exactly to where you want them to be.

As technology helps artists and listeners to get closer, Audio Brewers has decided to take the next step and offer you a tool to allow your listeners to tear down that last layer that would keep them from feeling exactly what you were feeling. It is no longer about them hearing your music, it is about them living in it and feeling the way you felt while composing.

Available at www.audiobrewers.com