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Bliss sampler 1.5 trailer

Bliss 1.5 is here! https://www.discodsp.com/bliss/

What's new:

VSTi sampling x2 oversampling.

VST effect chain support.

Sampling time raised to 30 seconds.

Loop size parameter for VSTi sampling.

Drag & drop VST.dll support.

Render sample crossfade loop.

Zone Solo.

Snap to zero crossing loop when sampling plugins.

Normalize to several gains when sampling plugins.

Load and save status progress bar. User defined naming export VSTi.

Enhanced key / VSTi sampling presets.

Auto assign root by file name.

Plugins state / preset data saving options.

SFZ export applying crossfade values.

Polyphony increased to 256 voices.

Export samples with correct Zone Note Name.

AIFF root note fix.

Select all zones, rename zones, save in SFZ crash fixed.

Fixed Macro automation bugs.

Upgrade for existing customers at https://www.discodsp.com/members/