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Coda4 - Serenity For Omnisphere {Patch Combinations}

60 patches for Omnisphere 2.6 designed and curated by Will Blackburn.

20% OFF LAUNCH DISCOUNT - Use Promo Code 'earlybird' {enter into the promo section on checkout}.

Get It Here - https://www.coda4.com/product/serenity.html

A dark and dreamy like electronic sci fi sound set featuring Distorted pads and Leads, Pulsating Arpeggios, gritty Basses and transformed Human vocal elements.

Serenity was inspired by the notion of an alternate or foreboding / dystopian reality. Making regular use of Omnisphere's Waveshaper, Ring Modulation and Granular synthesis, each patch is designed to resonate and be in constant motion giving the audience a hypnotic experience. These patches are designed to work cohesively together and would be particularly useful in a sci fi / gothic / dark ambient setting.

Please note: this product requires you own Trillian and the Moog Tribute set in addition to Omnisphere.

46% Off
by Soundtoys
Was $149.00; Save $70.00 until 15 Jun 2023
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