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CodeUltra Sounds - Arkeon - Live Scoring Demo: Aquamarine

This is a demonstration of Arkeon from CodeUltra Sounds

In this video, we are using SCN Aquamarine, in the first attempt to score a Summer themed video montage. Scenes are designed to serve your entire spectrum of sonic needs, when you have thematically compatible material, giving you both melodic and SFX components.

Throughout the video, you'll notice how we use Velocity and MOD wheel to control the rich variety of sounds this program can produce. We also change octaves to call on different timbres like Electric Piano, Guitar, BASS or even a sound that evokes seafaring birds.

With SCN programs you can:

  • Use Macros to mix their sounds, or mute some of them like the SFX.
  • Control the velocity on your piano roll to extract a precisely desired nuance.
  • Split the sound over multiple instances with complementing MIDI data. (Lead, Bass, SFX, PAD).

This essentially allows you to cover your scene's entire audio spectrum with a single SCN program, as seen in the video.

Until Aug 15th 2019, you can get ARKEON on a Special Intro Discount by Clicking Here