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Digital Heresy - Sound Set for DS Thorn Synthesizer

Digital Heresy features 165 presets, exploring the darker and mysterious side of DS Thorn synthesizer. A wide variety of complex and layered melodies, Deep dark pads, mysterious ambient Bells, poly leads, distorted drones and textures with a haunting atmospheric mood.

A one of a kind sound set with unique sounding melodies – Only possible thanks to DS Thorn deep synthesis and powerful matrix.


  • 165 Presets total.
  • 32 Pads.
  • 06 Arps.
  • 13 Ambiences.
  • 25 Distorted Ambiences.
  • 32 Poly Leads & Keys.
  • 14 Distorted Leads.
  • 07 Basslines.
  • 14 Bass Sequences.
  • 22 Techno Sequences.

This sound set is also part of Levitation Bundle, +350 preset collection for Thorn.

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