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Diva Tutorial 02 - Glide2

The second in a series of bite-sized tutorials aimed at users of u-he's latest synthesizer, Diva. This one is about uses of the "Glide2" parameter that might not be so obvious.

Diva invites you onto the slippery slope called Glide2...

Act I starts with standard usage i.e. what most people associate with "portamento" in a synthesizer, then shows you that Glide2 is simply a speed OFFSET applied to VCO 2 (and VCO 3 in the Triple VCO model). One of the many quirks that made the original Minimoog sound so good was the fact that the oscillators don't glide at precisely the same rate - that's why the template INIT Minimono already includes a minimum amount of Glide2... you can clearly hear the effect around 15 seconds into the video.

VCOs are then turned up and down to demonstrate that there are two different glide rates.

Act II demonstrates how to apply Glide2 to the filter cutoff ONLY - fairly easy because the modulation source "KeyFollow2" includes Glide2. The result is an interesting slippery effect.

Of course you can process KeyFollow2 in the modifications page first. This example use the quantizer to add steps to the glide, making it more of a filter "glissando" than a portamento.

Diva: Resistance is futile :-)

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