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DMS Ascension VST Synthesizer - PC & Mac - Coming Soon!

Coming soon: DMS Ascension... 64-Bit PC & Mac Synthesizer... here's just a few of the synth's features.. get more info on the upcoming release here.

• 10 GB ROM Library, over 850 presets and 900 ROMs.

• Four multi-select oscillators.
• High shelf and low shelf filters for each oscillator.
• Frequency modulation controls for each oscillator type.
• Pitch detune for each oscillator.
• Three oscillator types (subtractive, waveform, ROM).
• Waveform generator and editor for oscillators and LFO's.
• Waveform import.
• Two arpeggiator types: MIDI Player mode, and internally controlled.
• Preset, oscillator & MIDI library browsers.
• Nine filter types including lowpass, highpass and bandpass.
• ASDR amplitude and filter envelopes.
• Four auxiliary modulation envelopes.
• Eight modulation matrix destinations.
• 2 LFO's with a choice of 4 waveforms & custom waveform mode.
• 6 FX units with configurable signal chain.
• Light and dark skin options.
• Windows & Mac VST/ Audio Unit and stand alone versions.
• 32 /64-bit plugins.