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Sneak peak from "Dream Works" for Zebra 2.7

Some singular presets from the up and coming release for Zebra 2.7 entitled,"Dream Works"

All the presets in Dream Works are based on the concept of Dreams. These presets, atmospheric in nature, will include SoundScapes, Pads, Atmospheres, Apegs, Bass, Keys, Leads and Fx. Dream Works will include 130+ presets. Every presets will be programed in Zebra 2.7+ and include the use of all the most current features.

Dream Works - Dreamers Light

Dream Works - Cloud Dancer Apeg

Dream Works - Things Under Ground

Dream Works - Zebra Strings Deluxe

Dream Works - Night Machines

Dream Works - The Bowed Pastry Quartet

Dream Works - Scrape the Sky

Dream Works - Strings Of A Pale Sky

Dream Works - Drum Bass