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Sample Logic Realms With Custom Impulse Responses - Hear It In Action

In this video we show how to load custom Impulse Responses in Sample Logic Realms plugin.

We use the Impulse Responses from VSP called "Prime Sonic Space".

These Impulse Responses include a massive collection of Impulse Responses from classic to twisted. One of the great things about the Sample Logic Realms plugin is the ability to load up to 4 Impulse Responses at one time and layer them.

This allows for some completely unique reverbs and spaces. Sample Logic Realms also allows for other effects to be added on top of the Impulse Responses. All can be controlled and automated with the X-Y controller.

The combination of the "VSP-Prime Sonic Space" Impulse Response library with Sample Logic's Realms plugin allows for some amazing ear candy and lush reverbs not available elsewhere. This video also is a tutorial on how to use Impulse Responses in Realm and layer effects. Be sure to save so you can checkout all the examples. Happy music producing.

More about the Impulse Responses here: