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enChord v1 by Avantgarde Sound (Lemur/iPad compatible)


enChord v1 is the harmony modular super algorithm, a 21st century MIDI control super instrument

enChord is a MIDI controller and harmony modular design tool.

enChord is a truly innovative application that lets you design harmonically perfect chords and chord progressions using all of the most popular music scales in the world with the assistance of one-touch chord progression analysis and scale modulation analysis, for you to either compose music, perform music (using the included innovative PadBoard and TileBoard MIDI controllers), or BOTH. enChord's fully working prototype was developed by Avantgarde Sound using Liine's Lemur framework with the purpose of aiding composers, songwriters and performers with their ultimate task in a totally new, improved and faster way.

enChord fully working version/prototype can be loaded to Liine Lemur on iPad or the legacy JazzMutant Lemur hardware, but it is also currently being ported to other major touch platforms, like iPad (standalone version), Android, Windows 8, etc. Plans to make enChord a standalone hardware instrument are being discussed. Further development and porting fully depends on the support of the community and the industry.


• NoteBoard, a 108 "note canvas" for state of the art chord design and chord progression design.

• ChordLibrary, 5832 immediately available chords at the touch of one finger, featuring avant-garde (pun totally intended!) workflow and ergonomics not ever seen before… with direct audition.

• ScaleLibrary, dozens of musical scales (Major? Harmonic Minor? Gypsy? Bebop? Oriental? Hindu? You name it... they are all in enChord's ScaleLibrary)

• Real time, generative scale "mood" audition

• One-touch chord analysis and chord progression suggester

• One-touch scale analysis and scale modulation suggester (world's first thanks to enChord's unique workflow)

• ChordBank feature for chord storage and direct chord audition of your stored factory or modified chords on every session

• ModBank feature: you can store your scale modulations and go back to your base scale at any time!

• TileBoard: a surface of harmonically perfect "tiles" for ultimate performance with no wrong notes; a dynamic self-regeneration-capable multi-touch instrument with expression control, channel aftertouch control and velocity control for each harmonic Tile for real-world expressivity!

• PadBoard, a dynamic pad-based board (ala MPC) that is dynamically re-built according to the user-selected scale

• MIDI channel selection enabling you to control up to 3 different external instruments at a time

• enChord is compatible with all DAWs that support MIDI

• enChord is compatible with all hardware and software instruments that support MIDI

• enChord features a state of the art, ultra ergonomic, user-friendly interface and workflow. Steve Jobs would be Avantgarde's best friend

• enChord can be used by anyone who can install a MIDI controller; enChord's harmony analytics and performance controllers CAN help all musicians of all genres. Musicians and composers of all skill levels will definitely find a use for enChord in their workflow. 100% certainty.

• With your support, more features coming soon...


The basic premise here is to embed music knowledge for creative emancipation, and freedom of musical expression:

Who says your instrument has to permanently be a static 88 key layout of immutable notes in the chromatic scale that is going to take you decades to truly master? Who says it has to be that? What is the authority over what you or I are "allowed" to consider "harmonically OK", or "harmonically rational", or "playable"?

Why do we have to spend years and years on the chore of "manually" memorizing an infinite amount of intervals and note relationships, chord progressions and music modulations when it might not necessarily be our intention to become session instrumentalists (i.e., a studio pianist)? While that is plausible for the interested, for the rest of us: why not just let the theory become alive and organic and let it unveil itself to us in all its splendor? Theory should not have to be memorized: theory (a bunch of words trying to rationalize and explain what already exists) is really a mere utensil that must be put to immediate use.

So, why not create a machine do all the calculations and the memorizing for us, and just let it assist us on our ultimate goal, the goal that actually matters: expressing ourselves in what is known as the universal human language: music. After all, if music is indeed the universal language, it must not only be universally understood, but also... universally spoken. enChord will embed in you a wealth of musical language for you to use in your musical message.

Life embedded this notion in me: there are no right answers, but only right questions.

enChord is here to pose a couple of questions to a very old system. I do believe enChord's questions are right at this point of the 21st century. enChord, the harmony modular super algorithm, a 21st century MIDI control super instrument, shall embed theoretic knowledge in you as you use it and give you true freedom to deliver your message to mankind through music.

True creative power to you.


Avantgarde Sound,

*For the love of the machine


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