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Fame&Fury - preset preview. Perfect drum tone straight from the box for djent and metalcore music.

Fame and Fury is the only drum library in the market that brings the drum sound of your favorite modern metal records straight into your mixes. Created by long-time metal listeners and producers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader, Hate), Fame & Fury delivers that instantly recognizable huge and crisp modern metal drum sound straight out of the box with no need for any post-processing. For Fame & Fury, we have closely studied the drum tones on some of the most important, genre-defining metalcore and djent albums by bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Falling In Reverse, Underoath, A Day to Remember, Killswitch Engage, Periphery, and created six mix-ready presets, each heavily inspired by one of those albums (+1 bonus preset created by Lukasz Jackowski).

With its massive and resonant sound, Fame & Fury is the missing piece of the puzzle that will finally bring your mixes up to the highest modern standards.

Presets: 00:00 Miracle.

00:19 Sempiternal.

00:34 Fat Room.

00:49 Watch The World Burn.

01:04 They're Only Chasing Safety.

01:18 As Daylights Dies.

01:34 Select Difficulty.

Hertz Drums available:


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