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Fragment - Karplus-Strong/Physical modelling string synthesis + additive

Fragment is an online collaborative additive / spectral / granular / subtractive / PM synthesizer and live-coding web. platform, the spectrum is created by a live GPU script, the generated visual is then converted to audio.

This is a video of a lengthy dev/jam session to test out the integration of Fragment Karplus-Strong string synthesis with some additive synthesis fun.

Karplus-Strong string synthesis is a simple method of physical modelling synthesis which simulate the sound of a plucked string.

The algorithm make use of a moog type filter with variable cutoff/resonance for the initial energy spike (aka noise source), some new development were made into the sound server to support MIDI retrigger, the noise source is generated again for every notes.

The implementation is still in its infancy and should be made available in the next update which is planned in the following months.

Parts :

@30:00 : Jamming out with quickly varying background plucking
@50:00 : slower section

Renoise DAW is used in the background for audio output + MIDI out & fx.

The delay heard is done within Fragment, this video has the most processed sound of all videos published (reverb, delay, lpf, chorus for some parts which were added inside the DAW).

You can try the Fragment synthesizer now at : https://www.fsynth.com

Documentation: https://www.fsynth.com/documentation

Forum : https://quiet.fsynth.com