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Fragment Spectral Synthesizer upcoming features & demo

Fragment is a web-based collaborative spectral musical instrument software driven by real-time visuals generated from shared GLSL scripts.

This is a demonstration video of one hour of live-coding "patchs" which use new features, the first ~six minutes is a jam session which use the new controller dialog to setup timbre harmonics, this allow much easier timbre design.

At ~6:00 an ambient part can be heard, this part use the recording dialog, a sequence was recorded as an image and added back into Fragment, this part essentially play the sequence at a much lower speed and some things are done to it.

The last part essentially use the same thing as the ~6:00 part but with a different sequence and feedback manipulations to produce weird sounds.

Fragment Audio Server is enabled and the audio output is fed to a DAW (Renoise) in the background which apply some effects, most of the sequences are sequenced within Renoise with MIDI output enabled.

You can try it now at : https://www.fsynth.com
Documentation: https://www.fsynth.com/documentation.html
Forum : https://quiet.fsynth.com