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Gestural sound modulation and patching using distance and rotation

In this series of videos, Percussa is showing a variety of other sounds you can make using SYNTHOR, the digital modular synthesizer for AudioCubes.

Every AudioCubes represents a synth module (oscillator, comb filter, noise generator, etc). When placing cubes next to each other signal connections are made like in a normal modular synthesizer. The modulation depth of the signal can be changed when you move cubes closer to each other or further away. This gives you incredible expressiveness in the sound and which is impossible to do with any other modular synthesizer.

In this video Percussa is focusing on the gestural aspect of the digital modular synthesizer and how you can patch and at the same time use the distance and rotation of the AudioCubes to change the modulation depth of the modules.

Learn more here: https://www.percussa.com/2016/01/12/gestural-sound-patching-and-modulation-using-distance-and-rotation