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GMaudio Ducker 1.5 - Max For Live Device Walkthrough

Version1.5 is here! Thanks to 500+ users as well as 12 months of feedback and improvements, GMaudio Ducker is now better than ever.


GMaudio Ducker is the only sample accurate side-chain tool for Ableton Live. Designed for ease of use and ultimate transparency, It's the last ducking tool you will ever use.

New Version 1.5 (July 2022):

  • Improved User Interface.
  • Added Scope functionality (Freeze, Zoom, Position, Scope Mode).
  • Added Absolute Envelope mode (to see the combined envelope of both sounds).
  • Improved Transient Detection algorithm (no more over triggering).
  • Adaptive scaling of Curve parameter (to further avoid pops/clicks).
  • Added Invert Signal parameter (to flip the polarity of the Bass).