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Learn: Subtraction Engine

Learn the ins and outs of Subtraction Engine in this detailed walkthrough video.

Less is more: addition by subtraction is the name of the game.

Created by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred, Subtraction Engine is designed to mute steps of incoming MIDI drums, melodies, and harmonies to create variations, build tension, or experiment with different expressions of rhythmic and musical phrases. You can do this manually for full control - or just enable Auto Dice to let the good times roll.

Optimized for Push with full automation labels and Info View annotation, Subtraction Engine is ready for high-level play straight away. Experiment, have fun, and capture results to new MIDI or Audio Clips by recording them to other tracks in Live.

More info: https://manifest.audio/allmax/subtraction-engine

Requires: Ableton Live Suite 10.1.x or higher running Max 8.1.x.
Includes: Subtraction Engine device, 16 presets, and 10-page user guide.
Note: Subtraction Engine does not produce MIDI notes — notes must be fed into it.

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