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How to Use Arturia Organs with King Unique

Sonic Academy welcomes back vintage synth royalty, King Unique.
In this 'How To Use' tutorial, he shows us the intricate workings of three timeless organs modelled by Arturia - the Hammond B-3, the Vox Continental, and the Farfisa Compact Deluxe.

Firstly the B-3 - the most popular variety of Hammond, and the one still commonly in use today. If you've heard of the expression "Pulling out all the stops?" the drawbars on this organ are these very stops. It can all at once sound like a carnival, a big band, a horn section, a small jazz combo, a funk group, a percussion section, a flute, and/or countless other things.

The Vox Continental is a transistor-based combo organ introduced in 1962. Used in many 1960's hit singles, it still has a strong following to this day, and remains among the most sought-after of combo organs by enthusiasts. Here Matt shows us that it really does sound as good as it looks.

Finally, the highly versatile Farfisa, which really comes into its own when Matt 'lifts the lid', in the most literal sense, showing us what it's truly capable of when it comes to creating sound.
Not only do these organs sound incredible as they are, but once you add the additional speaker, amps and effect pedals provided by Arturia, Matt shows us the full extent of how to create your own unique sound.

Price £34.95 or £17.48 and free streaming to subscribers.