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Icebreaker Audio Toybreaker Collection - circuit-bent toy keyboards for Kontakt

Icebreaker Audio Toybreaker Collection includes sample-based recreations of 3 different toy keyboards from the 1980s. Two of these were circuit-bent to have noisy mangled samples to complement to classic retro sounds.

The Toybreaker Collection is perfect if you need retro digital goodness that can be given extra lo-fi realism thanks to sampled impulse responses of the internal speaks as well as sampled key-click noises.

You can also push the sounds into more manic territory with the circuit bent options, or keep it nice and clean. The lo-fi 80s digital synthesis (in some cases 4-bit quality) would also not be out of place in chiptune style genres.

Available exclusively from Time+Space > https://www.timespace.com/collections/icebreaker-audio/products/icebreaker-audio-toybreaker