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Eplex7 DSP India Psy instruments 1 – psytrance ethno plugin instrument is VSTi & AU plug-in instrument for Windows and Mac and can be used also as expanding library in our FREE Eplex7 Player or in our plug-in instruments. India Psy Instruments 1 is collection ethnic oriental instruments from India / Asia (Sitars, Santurs, Tampura / Tanpura, India strings + bowed strings, etc. + special combinations / layering, resamplings and re-synthesis of traditional oriental instruments. Instruments are effected and processed with analog hardware for fat heavy sounds which is significant also in loud electronic music) designed mainly for psytrance / progressive psytrance / fullon / goatrance producers. These instruments can be used in various styles of music from ethno, psychedelic chillout, psybient, tribal music, bollywood film music, hitech / psycore, EDM, trap and others.