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Introducing Vienna Power House - GPU Audio acceleration is here!

Find out all you need to know about Vienna Power House and the latest version of Vienna MIR Pro 3D by heading here.

GPU Audio and Vienna Symphonic Library are pleased to announce the release of Vienna Power House; a series of GPU accelerated plug-ins and instruments, starting with Vienna MIR Pro 3D (Multi Impulse Response) convolution platform. This landmark collaboration puts the immense processing power of your computer's graphics card within the VSL ecosystem of professional orchestral plug-ins, for high fidelity, ultra low latency audio.

With the release of Vienna Power House, VSL and GPU Audio have made a commitment to deliver this patented processing power across a range of plug-ins, starting with MIR Pro 3D. The Vienna MIR Pro 3D concept offers a unique, and immersive approach to space as a musical instrument, and ensures pristine high-fidelity sound within a range of the world's most exciting acoustic spaces. MIR Pro 3D offers instant access to precise sound placement on stage, within incredibly accurately captured virtual arenas and rooms with up to four listeners/mic positions and virtually unlimited source positions.

Bringing GPU Audio technology to this, and other plug-ins in the VSL series marks a huge shift in modern plug-in development, outsourcing vast swathes of in-demand CPU processes directly to the infinitely more adaptable and streamlined graphics card. MIR Pro 3D's core engine relies heavily on convolution (a mathematical process that ordinarily pushes the CPU to the limit) with a huge number of sound sources such as orchestras, multiple output channels (for immersive and 3D audio) and long reverb tails resulting in hundreds, or even thousands of convolutions*. Prepare to open your system resources to a new dimension of processing power.