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iZotope Neutron Elements | Mixing with EQ Learn Tutorial

The deal is valid from 5th November until 30th November 30th 2018.

Neutron Elements' powerful 12 band EQ comes with the game-changing EQ learn feature. This feature analyses incoming audio signals and intelligently places the EQ's filter nodes at frequency positions that may present an issue in the mix.

To use the EQ Learn function, place Neutron Elements on the track you wish to manipulate and click the Equalizer Module.

Next, activate however many filter nodes you feel are necessary. Then, while the audio is playing hit the "Learn" button in the top right of the module's panel and let Neutron Elements get to work. Once the filter nodes have settled you can begin to audition what that frequency range is doing to the sound.

A good approach is to boost and cut the frequency to the maximum levels to get a better idea of the effect of that frequency range on the sound and then roll back until the right balance is made.

You can also solo the filter band by hold ALT and click the filter node.

It might be best to use the slides found at the bottom of the EQ panel. If you choose to click and drag the EQ point up and down in the EQ Spectrum display, make sure to hold shift so the actual frequency position doesn't change, and you are only altering the gain value of the filter.

Another tip for manipulating the filter's in the Visual Display is to use the mouse wheel to adjust the Q value and right-clicking the node to change the filter type.

The EQ Learn feature is sure to point you in the right direction to take your mix to the next level.