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Magic Chord Memory (that correctly plays major or minor chord)

This shows how to make the equivalent of a "chord memory" with Moselle, and furthermore we have the chord depend on what note you're playing: sometimes major, sometimes minor, as the scale calls for (Cmaj in this case). Note the voice is nothing more than an oscillator: this patch isn't showing of the sound, but rather the control possibilities. Also, this patch shows how you can request multiple voices per note. You can set this to 6 or 8 to get the classic "unison" sound but it will still be polyphonic unless you also switch it to mono. (In Moselle the number of voices, and number of simultaneous keys, are two separate controls.)

After a little riff is played, the line of the program which actually creates the major and minor chords is highlighted. Of the three voices run in parallel for this patch, the first is at the keyboard's pitch. The third is as seven semitones up, a major 5th. The second, though, is either three or four semitones up depending on which note of the scale is being played.

Note the sound is recorded directly from Moselle: no hardware or external processing was used.